Emma Claire McLeod

I get to hear many stories while on tour – some sad and some funny… this one I thought was gold and worth sharing with you….
An absolute fan told me the story that when she was (much) younger she loved MD so much she changed her name (jokingly) to – Emma Claire McLeod …
One day she got ‘lost’ while shopping with her mum and was taken to the ‘Lost’ Department .. when asked what was her name… Her response was…..
Emma Claire McLeod!!!
 And that’s exactly what was said over the PA system!!! The parents of Emma Claire Mcleod please come and collect your daughter ..
Just Love it!
Yes…. there are fans
AND There are FANS!!!!
Submitted by permission… thanks to Emma Claire…

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  1. Donna Sykes

    I fell in love with this show when I came across it on Hulu. It was the land itself that drew me to continue watching until I completed each and every season, and was hungry for more. I know I will probably never ever get to see it in person, but I just want to say, the land is beautiful! The area is beautiful! Thanks for a brilliant show! Don’t know what it is, but I truly love foreign shows, and movies……Truly enjoyed watching your show here in the U.S. Heck, I even enjoyed watching them shear sheep. But the horses were my favorite. In the last season, when the cattle got spooked, they had to chase them and get them back in group, was my the most amazing scene shot in aerial view. And too, the very last episode, when they rode together to the edge of the cliff, turned and headed back……Wonderful! Loved each and every character! Each brought their own energy!

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