What Would You Do?


If and when you go on Drovers Run for the first time ??
Would you – like others….
Do a handstand on the wall
Jump out the car and kiss the ground
Just cry
Just laugh
Do a jig in the shearing shed ?
This is just some of the reactions I’ve seen… Just curious… *but what would YOU do???? *

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  1. Chloe Alexander

    For me I wouldnt know how to react, I would be running around looking for things the girls had trouble with, where they had to work together and show strength when shit hit the fan.
    I’m one of those fans who believe they didnt need a Males help and it makes me smile to know they always did it on there own.
    I’m also hoping to come for a tour when I’m on the mainland with my sister and mother it would be an awesome late 18th pressent for her after deni 2019


    1. CountryADMINmcleods

      It would make an awesome gift.. and one filled with memories to last a lifetime!

  2. kylie Hocking

    Crack open a bottle of bubbly take in all the views & homestead with a picnic ..

    1. CountryADMINmcleods

      Sounds like a good plan!

  3. ian wright

    Well if I was Given the Chance of Ever Going Droving Again I would Be VERY VERY HAPPY as its on my Bucket List, However I went Droving when I was 15 years old in N.S.W. Back in 1964 .Since then a Lot has Happened ,But To this Day I Still Dream About The Good Old Days Working on Stations in Both NSW & QLD .And working with Horses Cheers Ian wright

    1. CountryADMINmcleods


  4. Vicky Belyeu

    #1 on my bucket list!!!!!! Not sure exactly how I would react…but, I know my heart would be filled with joy! It’s crazy…I HATE reruns….yet, I have lost track of how many times I’ve watched MCD! NO ONE loves MCD more than me!

    1. CountryADMINmcleods

      I am sure you would love it … being the devoted fan that you are!

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